Best way to move project folders and files


A past project was saved in the User path to /Cubase/ on another hard drive in another computer.

I have opened a project and found that some of the tracks are not there. On checking the path I see that they are on another hard drive on a previous computer.

Most of the Projects and folders etc were transferred to this new PC however it looks like some projects with files saved in the ‘User’ etc etc /Cubase/ folder, were not transferred over.

I have located the files okay in the old PC and have now saved them to an new folder on the new PC, but wanted to know if I should just add them to the project folder on the new PC. I assume they will then show up on the timeline all okay? Correct?



If you just copy files over to the new computer they won’t magically be found even if they all are in the same project folder.
You can search for missing media files, and then OK them, but if you have media files using same file names it can be a mess.
I would if possible use the backup function in Cubase on your old computer to consolidate the project to a usb drive, one folder pr project and then copy those folder to the new pc. On the new pc when opening these projects Cubase will most likely come up with a message that the project has been moved do you want to search for media files, it can now find them as they all are in the same folder, then save project and done.

Many thanks for your time and help.
Yes… way to go for sure.