Best way to port tracks to Cubase

I know this is an age old question, but I pose it once again in search of best practices.

I recorded/sequenced a 16 track song on my Yamaha Motif. The Motif only has stereo outs. What is the best way to get every track to Cubase as a separate audio track? If I solo record each track individually, then I can never get them all to sync up perfectly in Cubase.

How would you do this?

Record one “sync click” at the beginning of every track in Motif. Then use this click to align tracks manually in Cubase. Yes … this is very Old School approach and there may be more sophisticated method like using MTC sync etc, but since I have no experience on Motif, I don’t know if that’s possible.

Thanks, so I take it you mean to put a click at the beginning of every track that doesn’t have an event on the first downbeat?

Or before the first beat, so you can do it on every track.

Even better if you do one full bar of clicks at the beginning of each track (so the song starts at measure 2).

I can sync my Yamaha MO8 to Cubase using midi sync. Is this possible on the Motif?

What I ment was what Strophoid told and Jose made even more clear: add extra measure at the start of the song, where you can put yor sync click(s) into on every track.

But in case your Motif is able to folllow Midi Time Code (MTC), you should configure Cubase to send MTC and Motif to follow it and you’re synced automatically.

Why would you get an MO8 if you have a Motif? :stuck_out_tongue:
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Thanks all

I set Motif as slave via MIDI sync. I then set Cubase to start playack at 1.0, but punch in at 3.0. All tracks are lined up perfectly now. Thank you for your help

Now I wonder, the next time I compose a MIDI arrangement, should I ecord MIDI in Cubase or in the Motif? I’d use virtual instruments, but I have never been able to warm up to the idea of having to hunt down instruments that way when creating. It is so much easier to brainstorm with a workstation like the Motif it seems…

Cubase will offer better MIDI editing tools for sure, and you’ll get the work done faster in that sense. But it also depends on your personal workflow and if the Motif is faster for you, then that’s the best way. You could also use both the Motif (as the synth) & Cubase (as the sequencer) to develop a new workflow too. That will probably give you the best of both worlds, though it will take time as you get comfortable with this workflow.

Take care!

you could put some clicks at the end of the tracks ,dosn`t matter where you put them ,as long as you can line em up. i fink

You can also configure the motif as an external instrument…allowing you do the sequencing and render the audio from it simply.

I have been using software midi sequencers for 30years. I have no idea how one uses hardware for anything but a rough idea capture.

But to use the Motif as an external instrument audio I thought you had to have MLan or something like that. You can use external instrument with just a USB MIDI connection?

You need some Audio out/s and In/s and a midi connection.

Only if you see the need to transfer the Motif audio digitally into Cubase. Nothing wrong (IMHO) to pipe it in via analogue out/in, assuming you have at least 2 analogue inputs on your soundcard.