Best way to print delay throws

I’m using a delay effect on a vocal track, and need to print just the output of the delay effect, without the actual (lead) vocal so that I can have those delay throws as part of the backing track for our live performances, while the lead singer performs the actual lead vocals live.

I’ve kind of backed myself into a little corner because I’m using the delay effect as an insert, instead of on a separate bus (it’s the EchoBoy on the second-to-last insert slot):

Don’t fret that it’s showing as disabled, it is being automated to just come in at certain times:

I want to have all of the other insert processing baked into that delay throw track, but just want to pull out the output of the EchoBoy into a separately rendered audio file. Sure would be nice to have a “send to” option as part of each insert effect, so that you could just tap into the signal chain right after the EchoBoy, send that to a separate channel, and render that! Is that possible?

I could, of course, put the EchoBoy onto a separate channel,and then just send the output of that lead vocal track to that channel to be able to separate its output.

But I want to save myself that fiddly work, hence my question to see if there’s a better way!

Would this work for you?

  1. Route your Vocal Track to a Group (or if already routed Mute anything else routed to that Group)
  2. Add an Audio Track and select the Group Channel as the Track’s Audio Input
  3. Record Enable this Audio Track & capture what you want
  4. Trim the Audio as needed

Only way I can think of is moving the EchoBoy and Frequency to a FX track.
send to that, solo the FX track.
Not that much fiddling

You can duplicate the entire track and delete everything that is not needed for the delay throw.

Thanks all for the feedback!

@raino - that’s a good way to print the audio, but that would still have the lead vocals in the signal, and I need just the delay throws.

@Statherian - yeah, that’s what I’ll end up having to do it seems. As you say, not that much fiddling, but I was hoping for something elegant, like the ability to tap into the output of an insert (or, really, anywhere in the signal flow), and extract a signal from there. Hence the feature-request tag.

@Johnny_Moneto - I was considering that as well, that being the quickest way of doing it. But then I have to remember to make any changes in two places (e.g. if I end up editing the audio feeding the delay), so I’ll just bite the bullet and do what I should have done in the first place, which is giving the EchoBoy its own FX track. Good housekeeping :slight_smile:

Think that would be difficult to implement since its the audio path.
(there is a reason for using fx tracks, so just do that from now and you won’t have this issue)
you could maybe do it if a plugin have a delta mode, hearing only what the plugin outputs, then record it.
but I don’t think a delay plugin has that.