Best way to print external plug-in?

Hi! I´m using cubase 6, and have some outboard eq/comps that I use on one track at the time. When I have the settings I want on my comp/eq I print it into a new track by choosing the input to the track as the same as the return for the external plugin. Then I take the new processed track up among the tracks in my mix and move down and mute the unprocessed track (keeping it as backup).

Well, some questions: Is there a better way to print external plugins (like a “process command”)? And what is the correct way to deal with the delay, just pinging and that will be alright, or is there some preferences somewhere that I need to set or turn on/off? And also, if you have any suggestions to improve my way of using external plugins I will be glad for that too.



Select the track in the export box, select import to arrange (or whatever its called) and pool

Pinging the external FX should be all you need.

Thanks for your answer, I will check that.