Best way to print melodyned tracks? Render in place?

I have a bunch of tracks which I used melodyne on, in cubase which way do u print the tracks? or is it easier to just render? When rendering in place, do you need to set fader to 0? What about pan?


I think with audio mixdown export and then just the channels you want.

The normal operation of melodyne is non destructive, so exporting or render in place should work.

I have had great results recently with ‘Render In Place’ for Melodyne tracks. Actually I am kind of giddy about it. :slight_smile:

I have yet to have an issue after maybe 30 times.

The fader and pan are irrelevant in my use.

Can u talk more on fader on pan being irrelevant ? Whats the deal with the render in place naming structure, why cant it just use the track names lol.

I thought there was a way it render and the created track would have same fader settings etc.

RIP working wonderfully here with Studio 4… did ten tracks concurrently yesterday with no issues whatsoever… 8 channels of BVs just needed a little pitch and timing tightening up and in studio it took ten minutes as one is able to view all the parts being ‘dyned’ in the same window… i used the ‘export track settings’ option which then rendered the tracks one at a time and the results also kept all of my track source track settings…
VERY happy with how this is working with Melodyne!

I rendered all mine… Just had to write down the fader and pan settings…

Give RIP a go if you haven’t… it’s really rather elegant!
If you’re concerned make a backup of your project first… the combination of MS4 and RIP is a HUGE time saver in some circumstances… The session i mentioned would have taken me at least an hour using the older method… first time i tried it i was very pleasantly surprised!