Best way to pull dynamics of one player out of a linked stack?


I have a stack of linked dynamics across many staves. Now I want to pull out one item of this linked stack because, let’s say, after some changes the 1st trumpet’s entry is now half a bar early.

What’s the best way to do this, while keeping the rest of the stack linked? When I select only the dynamic for the 1st trumpet and do “Unlink”, the whole stack becomes unlinked and independent from each other.

Thanks, Estigy

i always just do “remove from group”. That only affects the selected dynamic(s)

Well, that’s strange…
I always understood that “groups” were linked symbols in the horizontal direction (like in “p < f”) and “linking” was in the vertical direction (across multiple players).

And while, indeed, “Remove from group” does exactly what you describe and what I need here, I feel that the command does not do what it says: It does in fact not remove anything from a (horizontal) group, but from the stack that it is linked to… The horizontal “group” itself stays perfectly “grouped” together, it just isn’t “linked” to the other players anymore.

Is this confusing only to me?

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FWIW, I prefer not to use any linking nor grouping as default, and only apply grouping when I feel I really need it. This avoids unwanted modifications that I could miss.

Well, there’s probably some trade-off on both sides while the creative process of composing is still ongoing.
Most of the times I love the items being linked, because I can move them together; at other times it bites me because I need to move just some of them…