Best way to put 500hz high-pass on main stereo bus

I am working on creating audio that will be played on a piece of hardware that has a 500hz high-pass filter built in.

Whats an easy way for me to add a high-pass filter and dial in the frequency like that? I have Cubase 10 Pro.

The most obvious way is press e on the Stereo Out bus, and then go into its EQ and apply a 500 hz LC.

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Note of the filter’s order (on the hardware) so you match the curve

The master bus also has a pre section with hi and low cut filters which you could use.

Thats terrific. Could someone please give me a step-by-step on how to do this? I go into that EQ screen, I start touching the graphic curves and end up sculpting EQ. I don’t really have a good working knowledge of how to use that interface in a precise way (like apply a 50-hz lc). Very much appreciated.

You want the first knob, on the left of the 4 eq bands. You can double click on the frequency number and then type the exact frequency you want the filter at. E.g. 250.

You may also have to click the little “power” button over the knob. You will know that the filter is active because you will see its result in red in the equalizer graph.

I don’t think you can apply LC and HC from the EQ curve’s window directly.

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Yeah also what fese said

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A basic HP filter has two main parameters- the cutoff frequency, and the slope. The slope captures how fast the signal falls away below the cutoff frequency.

If you want to simulate the effect of that hardware you absolutely need to know the slope of the filter it uses. Is it 1st order (6dB per octave), 2nd order (12dB per octave), etc?

Without that, you won’t be able to simulate the effect it has.

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Usually you can just double-click and type those fields to get a precise value.
Double-click, type in “50 Hz” (or whatever) and press return.

Thanks for this. Once I am able to learn these details about the hardware filter, can you help me understand what EQ process or plugin I could use to emulate this? Once I learn if its a 1st order (6dB per octave) or a 2nd order (12dB per octave) hardware filter, how can I process audio to match this slope? I use Cubase Pro 11 and SoundForge, but I’m happy to acquire any specific plugins if they will help me accomplish this. Thanks.

Sure, let me know when you’ve found out what kind of filter it has!

Thanks. I have the hardware guys description as follows: “The roll-off is 500 Hz ~24 dB/octave.” He also gave me a graph (which I’ll attach). This is outside my expertise, so I appreciate any advice.

As already mentioned, you can simply use the “Pre” section - no plugin required …

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That’s right - if you open the channel settings (button labelled e just above the faders), you’ll see the above window.

You’ll need to select the LC slider in the PRE column and move it to 500Hz, and change the 12 figure to a 24. Cubase uses LC (low cut) rather than HP (high pass). It is actually clearer to use LC, I think, but pretty much everybody else calls this an HP filter.