Best way to re-install Cubase 6.5 after Windows Crash?

Hi All,

After a complete Windows 7x64 crash, I now find myself with the opportunity to PROPERLY install Cubase 6.5 from scratch. But what is the best way to do so? I have license codes for Cubase 6 and the upgrade to 6.5.

I have the following files available:

Cubase 6 Trial 18Nov2011, 1.36GB (I assume this is the ‘fullest’ install package available)
Cubase 6_64bit.msi 06Dec010, 86.2MB
Cubase_6.0.n_Update.exe (n=2,3,5,6 and 7)
Cubase 6.5_Update_win.exe 29Feb2012, 740MB

Should I install the trial, authorise it using my elicenser code, install the update to 6.5, authorise THAT using my elicenser code, the n apply the latest patch to get to 6.5.3?

I also want to make sure my old HalionOne content is available, which has been a bit hit-and-miss on previous installations. I have this available as a downloaded ISO image. Can you tell me the best way to ensure this?

Thank you for your help

Miles Forman

why you want to install demo first? just install, update, finish?

use the DVD and open StartCenter, don’t open Setup files on you’re own (whats also possible) than it could be that you have to do them all by hand, but why…

Install FIRST the 64Bit version of Cubase because of the LCC.