Best way to record audio from VST instruments?

As of now to record VST instruments to audio I use audio routing, but that involves having both the VST channel and an Audio channel on the track and that not only creates clutter that confuses me sometimes and creates occasional problems.

For example, if I wanted to record the VST instrument, I would have to have the VST track selected, because obviously the audio track cannot receive midi data, so as a result, I have to record both the VST and the Audio tracks simultaneously.

Is there a way to link a VST instrument directly to the audio track, and/or perhaps have the audio track receive the midi data which would be directly transmitted to the VST instrument?

Hearing any other techniques would be appreciated.

Thanks, Enjoy the New Year

Instrument Tracks?

Solo the track -> Export Audio Mixdown (Import into project) ?

Is this what you need?

My sig has something like maybe what you r looking for.

Yup, that’s what i’m doing now, i guess that’s as good as its gonna get.

Thanks Guys