Best way to record drum takes without duplicating channels

Hello just getting to grips with recording 8 channel drum kit takes in CB 9. So ill have my backing tracks playing and 8 channels of drums recording. When the first takes done, I then duplicate thoose 8 channels and record on them for the 2nd take, then go between the two to complete a track in mulitracked takes.

I have to bus each track to a master, eg kick 1 and 2, to kick master etc, and it gets busy as hell in the mixer. This is the way ive always done it with logic beforehand also.

Would be so good to be able to record it all on the same channels - input monitoring and recording mutes the existing tracks though.

Anyone do it differently or any ideas? Would be cool to hit record on a set of tracks and record and input monitor over the top (whilst hearing the existing tracks): if this is at all possible.


You can use TrackVersions.

You can also make use of lanes. Lanes can be shown and edited at once, for achieving the best possible take.

The advantage if the TrackVersions is, you can switch between the Versions in sync on multiple tracks. So if you switch to the Take 2 on the Bass Drum, even on Snare and other tracks, the Version switches. So you always work with the same take on all tracks.

Actually TrackVersions was disabled exactly for this scenario.

Of course, advantage of the lanes is, you can Comp it easily.

That was not what was asked, TrackVersions may be fine but they do not play back while recording a new version.

Oh and the most important piece of information is NO it is not possible from inside Cubase to Playback the tracks and record/monitor them, at the same time. Inside Cubase you would have to duplicate the tracks as you have done.
You can however disable any monitoring in Cubase and use your audio interface monitor/mixer to always monitor any incoming signal.