best way to recover from temporary dongle failure

Today the following happened during a rehearsal. (for the first time ever)

The dongle is on a usb hub. Probably due to a wrong movement the usb connection to the hub went offline and a message occured license error. Everything kept playing amazingly enough, but logically my selected track went offline.
It’s a setup with Vienna ensemble pro and cubase. The connection to the Vienna related tracks was lost too.

I repositioned the dongle on the the machine itself and windows recovered it.
But it looked like neither cubase nore Vienna recovered from it without restarting the entire setup.

Next week we’re back on stage and logically this is not something you want to happen, so i will keep the dongle on the main hardware’s usb inputs.
But i have another dongle on the hub for everything related to east-west software and i need the extra usb ports from the hub.

Question: what is the best way to recover from such a situation. Is it enough just to reposition the dongle to recover and will cubase recognize it (or what is the way to have it recognize the licenses) after i push the retry button without restarting, and can i keep on playing ? Or is this something the software does not accept ?

Same question for Vienna, linked as slave to cubase.

thanx for any input on this!

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From my experience, to be on safe side, it’s better to restart Cubase.

:slight_smile: Thanks Martin,
I agree it is, but in a life situation this is a difficult thing. It takes a few minutes to do so.

In the meantime i discovered that when i got the dongle inserted in my system at home, i even had to do maintenance on the dongle too, since cubase here at home said: “Halion license has been disabled, please open control center and reload the licenses” (or something similar)
(It was the halion license i was using on that track.The rest of the licenses were unaffected.)

So i guess i really really want to avoid this situation on a stage. But ok, like in the first post said it was the first time ever, and from now on the dongle will be on the main hardware. But even then, an accident can occur.

Lesson learned for me.
And i’ll make a feature request on the appropriate section of the forum: Immediate dongle recovery when losing usb connection, and no license disabling when usb connection to the dongle gets lost. :slight_smile: If you’re abroad that is a killer situation.
I guess there some automatic proces build in when something like this happens, that the dongle terminates the license validity.

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That is also my experience with Windows although interestingly, with my Mac, I can remove the dongle and then reinsert and everything will be fine (although I can’t say I’ve tried this on current versions of Cubase).

I just quickly tried on Mac, and you are right. After reinserting the dongle, Cubase works.