Best way to reduce backing band volume on stereo track


What is the best way to reduce backing band volume on stereo track so lead vocal stands out a bit more.

They have both together not vox on 1 side and band on other.

You could use spectral layers one in cubase 11
Unmix vocal and adjust the level as required (even remove it!)

Not easy to do unless you have some specialized software (like spectral editing kind of software).

Without such specialized software, try the following (how successful this is, depends a lot on exactly how the original stereo track was mixed).

Make a copy of that stereo track, so now you have 2 tracks.
Then the high level game plan is to isolate the vocals as much as you can on one of those two tracks using different techniques, like EQ and mid-side processing.

Mid-side processing is something that takes a little learning, e.g.

Using EQ experiment with reducing the frequencies that aren’t occupied by the vocals (high and low).

Once you have done your best in isolating the vocals on that track, gently mix them together with the original untouched track.

Many thanks guys. I appreciate the help. Will give it a go :slight_smile:
Merry Christmas too.

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