Best way to remove redundant Tempo Indicator in Score?

In the Score Editor if you insert a Tempo Indicator Symbol on a layout with multiple staves it will create a symbol for each staff. What is the best way to remove the extra indicators? If I try to hide or delete one of them they all get deleted or hidden.

Say I have a score with four staves - A, B, C and D in that order. I can go into Score Settings in the Layout tab and un-check the L column for B, C and D so it only shows for A. That works fine if all four staves are always showing. But if some of them are unused for large sections and I’ve used Auto Layout to Hide Empty Staves that causes a problem. Suppose in my example staff A only plays on the first 16 bars. If I want to indicate a tempo change that is on a Tempo Track which starts at 120 bpm but changes to 95 bpm at bar 32. I can’t get it to display correctly since staff A is no longer shown. If I insert the Tempo Indicator above staff B, bar 32 it shows the temp as 120 not 95 and it seems to belong to the grand staff just above it.

If I drag the indicator so it is between staff A & B then it shows the correct tempo of 95 and also seems to belong to the right grand staff. But of course that’s not where I want it to be displayed.

All I can say is… you’re right… it’s a biatch! :stuck_out_tongue:
The only way I have ever gotten around this is by using a Custom User symbol for the tempo (and regular text for the actual tempo value). Even that was difficult to create (it is now part of my saved user symbols :wink: )… there isn’t actually a proper “quarter-note” in the user symbols library… had to use a solid stemless note and actually draw the stem with the line tool! )

The simplest “fix” would be to be able to move the real tempo symbol using the Hand tool, graphically.

Well that’s disappointing. I was hoping that my own ignorance would again prove to be the root cause. :cry:

I even tried creating a separate staff, with Line numbers set to “zero”, and all rests and clefs hidden, so that all that would be visible would be the Tempo symbol, but that still left the barlines “overhanging” in the grand staff :frowning: maybe a bit more work would have solved that too, but I had already decided it wasn’t worth the effort :wink:.

I ended up creating a User Symbol (my first :astonished: ) for when I need it. Thanks for the idea.