Best way to resell registered Cubase with updates.

Hi folks,

I want to sell my Cubase 7 but there are questions with the licences.

I own Cubase 6.5 (boxed version)
Update to Cubase 7 (boxed version)

My elicencer stores only the Cubase 7 licence (and other products like Dark Planet, Arturia and more)

Question is:

Can I copy the Cubase 7, Dark Planet and The Padshop Pro to one new USB eLicencer and sell those as unregistered?

Can’t I sell the boxed version (6,5 and update) seperately?


No, you can only move them. There is a software resale wizard on the steinberg knowledge base, als linked here many times her.

Since you don´t have a separate license for them they would actually worthless, sold separately.

Thank you, Found the resell wizard. I move then just the Cubase 7 Licence to one new eLicencer. Can I also move the other software licenced too (Dark Planet, Padshop Pro) and sell the whole thing as unregistered?

If you unregister them before sale, as explained in the resale wizard, you can sell them as unregisterd.

thank you °!