Best way to save money?

Given that I don’t find Cubase 9 updates to be very important to me personally, I’m trying to see how I can save my money by skipping. From what I understand, if I wait to activate Cubase 9 until just before Cubase 9.5 releases, I can get 9.5 for free, thus save money, is that correct? I’m on 8.5 atm.


Yes, that’s how I understand it. I would wait until after the 9.5 release date though, to be certain.

There’s usually a summer sale or fall sale though, so you may as well wait till then.

Thanks for this! Hopefully that 9.5 version will be up soon.

9.5 won’t be out until next December if they follow the usual timing…

Robert is right about the summer/autumn sale though. I got 8.5 at a drastically reduced price by waiting until then.