Best way to save multitrack synths/sounds

I have a synth sound I made consisting of 3 instrument tracks all routed into a Group channell track. I’d like to use this sound again in other tracks. Whats the best way to save it? So far I have used “export selected tracks…” which works, but is there a way to actually save all the tracks in a preset or folder?

How are people saving there larger more involved synth sound designs?

AFAIK there’s no native way to do that.

“Export tracks” or making a template are the only Cubase options. Neither one is optimal.

Alternatively you could buy Vienna Ensemble Pro and create the same track configuration in VEP and save the track configuration as Cubase track preset. Thats the way I do it sometimes. Whats even easier is to use something like Native Instruments Kore and save it as a Kore preset. Maschine can do that too but the interface is too “beat oriented” for my liking.