Best way to Set up Pro


I am buying my other half this for Christmas and have built a PC. My question is what is the best way to set it up? ie: program on windows drives, do i need other drives and what would i load onto them and how - does it give options when installing?

Any advice gratefully appreciated!

thank you

You can install separate components with the new downloader app. So you could put content (Sound library, sound samples) on a data drive and the main app on your O/S drive. It’s much simpler now.

As much as possible on an SSD is the ideal setup as it ensures everything loads quick, but that all depends on what space you have and whether the included content is something that would be used or not. It can be removed at a later date too.

It’s certainly not so critical to split install locations like it was prior to SSD usage. Will there be any third party libraries running on the machine too? i.e. large sample libraries or anything? Is there a second drive, is it HDD or SDD?