Best way to sidechain compressor on mix bus?

Trying to let the low end of my mix pass though my mix bus compressor without it triggering the compression. Is there an easier way besides:

Create 2 new groups
Route everything to group 2 (the new stereo master) & send it all to group 1 with aux
Insert a low-cut in group one, turn fader all the way down
Activate the compressor in group 2, activate the sidechain
In group 1 create an aux send, send prefader to the sidchain

I understand that you want to achieve this with Nuendo’s on-board processors, but reaching for a dedicated bus-compressor that offers side-chain filters would be the best thing to do.

A very good one is Cytomic’s “The Glue” → The Glue – Cytomic

Focusrite’s Liquid Mix offered side-chain filters, too (… one of the reasons why I went through the hassle to keep it working on my newest machines :sunglasses: …).

Wave’s version of the API-2500 offers this feature in “New”-mode.


Several ways to do this.
One that immediately comes to mind is to use parallel compression. You can do this very nicely by simply duplicating the track and putting the compressor on the copy and bringing the fader up to taste, and you can also put an HPF on the compressed track. No need to sidechain anything this way & you can use whatever compressor you want to.

112dB’s Big Blue is a great buss compressor if you want to run it the way Dietz suggested (I only know the Waves API500 & not The Glue though) - it’s a great buss compressor. 112dB Big Blue Compressor

Thank you for the ideas.