Best way to solo a single track in C6.5?

Best way to solo a single track in C6.5 without messing up the mute states of the other tracks?

Hi - how do you guys do this?

Assuming a multitrack project with some tracks muted, some not … then want to A/B two of the tracks alone (without hearing any of the other tracks).

The only way I know how in the arrange window is to mute all the other tracks so that I can A/B the two in question. The hassle then of course is having to write down/remember the mute states of the other tracks to get back to when I’m done soloing.

Since that seems too error-prone and tedious, for now I’m dragging the two tracks to a dummy project to A/B in, which I’m pretty sure makes me the dummy!

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This is just a guess (since I mix OTB) but maybe setting the muted channels to ‘solo defeat’ (ALT+ click Solo) works?

Use the “Listen” function…
And if your question was how to do it in the project window - switch to the mixer and use the " Listen function"

Thank you Arjan, and thinkingcap!

Arjan, I’ve tried solo defeat but wasn’t able to use it to do what I want, which is keep the other channels in the same state after soloing the channel of interest. If you think of a way when you get back to the DAW, please let me know!

tc - re: listen function - haven’t used it yet, I just read up in the manual about it. I couldn’t tell if it was only available for use if the control room is activated? (Mine isn’t, but if this is the only way to do what my OP was about, maybe I’ve finally found a good reason to do so).

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I use CTRL+Click on Solo to A/B.

Thanks, Niles. When you undo it by repeating the CTRL-Click on Solo, do all the other tracks go to their previous Mute/Solo state?

Mute state yes, solo state no.

I pre-mute the two tracks in question, then allow the solo button to override the mute button.
When I un-solo, that track goes back into mute. When I’m all done, I unmute both tracks.

THanks guys.

It seems from reading all the above that if I want to solo one track briefly, then un-solo it and have the mixer exactly like it was before I soloed the track, I need to use the listen function in the control room, is that accurate?

I could use the CTRL-CLick method Niles described, but when I’m done, I have to go back to each individual track and put its mute/solo configuration the way it was before I did that.

Is this a correct understanding of how it is?

I’ve only used a hardware mixer for short periods of time, but I seem to remember the ones I did use had a mute button that, when deactivated, left the mixer just as it was prior to the mute. Seems like a handy thing to have in a DAW also, before the control room was implemented was it really not possible to do that?

CTRL + Click + Solo is only interesting when you want to switch between two or more tracks (A/B comparison).
Listen can be used as some sort of alternative solo, but in fact its actual function is to listen to tracks in more detail while dimming the rest of the mix.

I understand you want to return to the mute states before you solo’ed a track. But my question is, in what kind of situation do you need the previous solo state to go back?

In fact “Listen” implements AFL / PFL functionality, that can be used for whatever it´s needed. And in Alexis´case it does exactly what he/she wants. Unless I am missing something from his description…

That is the simplest solution to your problkem unless (as said already) I am missing something from your description.

Control room is well worth setting up and getting used to.

You mean control room is not evil…? :smiling_imp:

I’ve been getting by fine with my two headphone mini-mixer (I record through 1 mic at a time max), and remember reading ALL kinds of byeotches about the Control Room some time ago. Given those two things, I had shied away from it, but now if there is a definite potential benefit, I will rethink that.

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I love the control room :sunglasses: :mrgreen:

Surely that must have been those who never used it…

Or just couldn’t work it out (it’s not that difficult) :laughing:

I thought it was from “respectable folk” … unintended consequences, etc., etc. … in any case, not relevant today, so … onward!

Sure, if it works it works. Hence the “can be used”. :wink:
A little personal annoyance is the Listen button isn’t available in the track controls.