Best way to sync recorded part?

I like to record my guitar both via direct line and microphone. What’s the best way to sync the two recordings?

Currently I pan them left/right and do it by ear but it’s not very exact…

When I do multitrack recordings I tend to use a time shifting plug-in, like Sound Delay from Voxengo, directly on the input channels. I either calculate the time difference by measuring distance between source and microphone, or most often, by recording a sharp transient and measure the distance between the two tracks with the range tool and the time base set to samples.


the transient suggestion is excellent thanks

Brilliant! Because if you try to align them in Cubase you lose folder synch. [Edit] I think there’s a way of doing this so you don’t:

Yes, you can also slip the audio in the events to keep folder sync, I used to do this earlier. But it’s a time consuming process compared to saving the selected input tracks and loading them in subsequent projects (or making a template project if it’s the first instrument you are recording).