Best way to tempo align rough demo track ?

What’s the fastest way to align an off-tempo track to tempo ?
Especially when aligning a rough demo track of vocal and piano recording that’s in one track.

is there a way to tap markers while the audio event is playing and then have cubase align those tapped markers to the grid ?

Currently I use free-warp but it takes up some time, and I do a stretch bar by bar which results in audio always getting stretched or ‘skewed’ more and more to the right of the stretch points.

And is there a way to disable the marker at the very end of an audio event, that’s always created automatically, so that when stretching audio by dragging markers the audio would be stretched only between the markers, and if there will no marker at the very end of the audio event that the audio to the right of the marker will be shifted without stretching ?

That is align the freely recorded audio to a fixed tempo?
Depending on your used software: „Merge tempo from tapping“.
Or try the automatic tempo detection feature (though this will very much depend on the audio it is applied to, often doesn´t work too well)

Yes I want to align the freely recorded audio to a fixed tempo.
Auto tempo detection rarely works well, and creates bars for every beat, 1/4 time sig.
merge tempo from tapping ? Where is this function in cubase ?

After that, you draw a time signature where it should normally be. Then you write the tempo to the audio file, so that you can delete the tempo changes and have the file in musical mode follow the new tempo. (Just 1 value)

How do I write that tempo to audio file ?

It’s too difficult to put in words. It would be better to watch this video, especially after 3:00.

Itˋs quite simple as there is a command to do so.

Yes, but I’m not sure I can describe the whole procedure accurately and have it make sense. Easier to watch a video and reproduce the steps, I think.

watched the video couple times. thought I got it but not until it came to real world situation:
working on a new song now, client sent me a scratch audio track with vocals and piano, when I did “tempo detection”, it aligned first 5 bars ok but then the rest is way off, is there a way to manually align the markers that are off ?