Best way to transfer/reinstall Dorico 5 with saved settings, customization from one mac to another


So, I’m in the process of setting up a new macbook air with Dorico. I was able to use download assistant to install to the new computer but, as this was a brand new version of Dorico, I quickly realized that all my settings and "customization"would not be in place. Is there a way to do a transfer from old computer which would include my settings, etc?

You can copy over the contents of:

{user}/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5/

… but bear in mind that preferences.xml contains filepaths for things like your Backup folder, and if those paths aren’t the same (e.g. if the username is different), then things might go awry.

But all the other files etc should all be fine.

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@Thomuz58, Did you try to migrate your settings from an old Mac to a new? If so, was it successful?
I’m interested in doing the same, and I want to save me from hours of extra work and head-scratching. I have done a lot of custom lines, symbols, paragraph styles, etc.
I’m very thankful for any insights in this migrating process.