Best way to transition between two EQ "sets"

Hi - I have a vocal that I’ve set up the four Cubase EQ windows on (“phone voice”), and I’d like to transition it to another EQ setting (a more normal sound). I haven’t figured out yet whether I want to do this over one beat or several bars.

Is the best way to do this to mult the vocal line and fade one in/the other out using my BCF 2000?

Thanks for any thoughts -

If it’s a really abrupt or extreme transition, I 'd just split the vocal up onto separate tracks

Use the stock wah-wah effect and use automation to control the mix amount.

Thanks twilightsong and foolomon.

Foolomon - can you explain what you are describing a bit more please?

  1. Why/how the stock wah-wah?


use two tracks , one with the phone voice and one with normal and slice and mute the sections alternately :wink:

I would probably duplicate the track. Make cuts wherever you would like (preferable at a zero crossing) and adjust the fade lengths to blend one out and the other in.

Or with 6.5 you get the Steinberg DJ filter which has presets for exactly this sorta thing, and use automation. Same result as Larry’s suggestion.

Thanks guys, but I must admit to being clueless about how wah-wah fits into this. ?

A Wha wha is a variable filter… it is capable of creating the telephone sounding vocal effect you require. When you press forward on a wah pedal it rolls off all the lower frequencues leaving you with nasal sounding tone… with voice that would equate to low resolution telephone fidelity.

:bulb: , thank you!

There is a telephone voice EQ preset in Cubase (I think it’s in Cubase that I saw it), so I was focused on that. Now I know about wah-wah (above and beyond Jimi Hendrix) - thanks!

I think Larry was being facetious :unamused:

Are you sure you don’t mean feces-ish?



So, Alexis …

Did you try any of the suggestions?

Is this another one of your “speed dating”/“quantity over quality” type of deals where you ask a bunch of questions and never really come to any conclusion about anything in particular?

Curiosity can only get you so far, you know? You need to start applying all of this great, new knowledge! :laughing: