best way to use this forum?

Hi folks, so there are lots and lots of topics and was wondering if the forum might ever organize by subject? i.e. general discussion, how to section, possible bugs…?

I am just finding that I am taking too much time to search for answers…(just an average guy…)


This topic has already been talked about… Dorico’s team are a limited team (I think less than 20 people), we’re all better off if they spend their time on developing Dorico than on managing this forum. The needs of this forum will decrease tremendously once we get a real and comprehensive documentation on Dorico, which is being written as we “speak”. So, until this documentation arises, you can search the forum with the tools provided or use google search, and if you do not find the answer, ask directly. Everyone here is willing to help, it is a very friendly forum :wink:

ok, thanks- too bad steinb. won’t help a bit more as this such a talented team.!


Welcome! :slight_smile:

As Marc - and others - say, the support we get here (remember Daniel and the majority of his colleagues are in Europe… yet still religiously offer support here after hours (Europe and US!) as well), is outstanding.

As you get used to the ways of the forum, I suspect most of us would be surprised if you don’t get solutions and suggestions as you post with queries. Good luck - and ask away.

Just a tip: when searching the board, you can narrow the search space successively — if you pay close attention, you can see a note by the search bar explaining you’ll be searching the search results.

Anyone noticed a significant latency in this forum lately, please?

On two machines (different ISPs, different browsers, different hardware, different OS’s, different locations, different DNS systems) it’s now consistently taking over a minute to load a page… used to be < 5 secs?


It’s been a bit sluggish for me since about last weekend - though right now it seems to have speeded up again.

But my ISP is part way through rolling out “free” speed upgrades to their existing customers, and mine seems to have arrived before the promised email saying WHEN it would arrive - so that might have been the reason for me, if my router was trying to connect at a speed the line didn’t support properly yet. The speed on some other sites has been all over the shop, from as low as 2 Mb/sec up to the promised new max speed of 75!

Thanks, Rob. Yes. I have been ‘impressionistically’ comparing the forum with all other sites: a huge difference.

And, as I say, that’s over two ISPs on connections 30 miles apart.

I, too, have noticed markedly slower response times on this forum in recent days.

Hilarious! Thanks, James and Marc. :slight_smile: