Best way to write function roman numbers


I need advice as to what would be the easiest way to enter analysis roman numbers. I tried with Shift x but it does not align and also tried lyrics but a note have to exist to be attached.

Any help would be really appreciated.

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Couldn’t you write a voice 2 note as a placeholder, then hide it? That would allow you to affix lyrics.

Dorico doesn’t allow you to hide notes, though you can certainly add notes temporarily, attach lyrics to them, and then delete them again: the lyrics will remain.

Thank you Daniel, that is a great solution!

I wrote quarter notes on a new instrument, entered the lyrics, deleted the notes, and use it as a cue whatever I want to see that info. All I need now is to find out how to place the lyrics on top of the staff.

Best regards

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Is it possible to hide the cue instrument?

Yes it is possible, is a property called Start Text.

Change the lyrics to have placement above the staff, by selecting one lyric and choosing Edit > Lyrics > Placement > Above.

Thank you Daniel!!!