Best workaround for cueing percussion instrument?/Hiding instrument change

I read the instructions on this topic(pg.8 of Version History) which says to add a pitched instrument for each percussion player and do the cueing there. But let’s say I added a flute… It shows an instrument change to flute each time there’s a cue. Is there a way to hide the “fl.” text in those spots?

A better workaround I’d like to do is to have a 5-line pitched staff for let’s say triangle, add a percussion clef, then not have to add another instrument. Is this possible?

Any instructions or pointers to tutorials appreciated. Also would love to hear if this feature is being worked on for Dorico 4? It’s so sad to have such an awesome Cue function but not being able to use it for all instruments.

Go to Engrave mode. Select the text, open the Properties Panel, enable the ‘Custom text’ switch and add a ‘space’ in the text box.

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