Best zoom practices?

I’m starting to get really frustrated with my constant zooming in and out in the arrange page, and I’m looking for help. Basically have roughly 3 different zoom levels I use:

  1. Track size as small as it can go and viewing about 70 bars a at a time = overview of my project
  2. Track size medium, enough to clearly see midi and audio data
  3. Track size very large and viewing only about 5-10 bars at a time = editing zoom

I’ve assigned zoom in/out vertically and horizontally to key commands and I’m using them to get me in the rough ball park of my three zoom needs above, but I’m starting to get tired of manually doing this all the time. I’ve tried the key command “zoom mem” and “zoom zap” but my issue with this method is it remembers the cursor location, which I never want - I only want to zoom into an area where my cursor already is.

I’ve also tried workspaces, but first off they change VERY slowly on my machine, and secondly they remember the tracks that you were viewing at the time, which makes it very frustrating for zoom needs 2 & 3 as I often have projects with 100+ tracks I do not want my track order changed, only my view level.

Is there a way to save multiple zoom levels without it also being attached to the cursor (like in zoom mem) or arrange location like in workspaces, and simply change the zoom level to a few preassigned levels while keeping everything else the same? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve set up a macro that shows me the whole arrange. Good ‘reset’ point of view. That macro is very old, I think meanwhile there’s a standard command available anyway.

From the ‘whole’ view I use the magnifier tool (standard keyco ‘6’) to zoom me into whereever I want to have a closer look.

Assigned keycos to 4 different track heights & of course I use the scroll wheel for up/down or ctrl + wheel for left/right.

That way I’m superquick zoomed in/out without touching the skinny scrollbars or anything. The macro above also closes the folder called EDITS (logical editor) where I use to park stuff that’s not active but I might need later which is always located on bottom of my projects. Parked tracks are disabled usually, so they don’t appear in the mixer automatically (without even touching view configurations). Out of sight, out of mind - everything keeps slim and organized.