Bets - will Steinberg show something at NAMM?

What are your thoughts? Cubase 6.something?

Maybe… Cubase 6.5

And I would guess some New Sound Libraries for Halion 4 and probably some other new and exciting products/updates .

We shall know pretty soon (Jan. 19th) :slight_smile:

In the news items you can see the schedule for the Steinberg booth. There’s nothing new in there apart from a wavelab update iirc. Just the regular hardware integration show-off, some artists talking etc.
But who knows, they might announce something without publishing it on the schedule.


64bit rewire

128-bit AudioLooper with ReadUserMind™-interface. :smiling_imp:

Back in the day we called that a DWIM(Do What I Mean) processing algorithm.

Yeah… one of those as well :laughing:


and show 3D movies without needing glasses too…

Oh wait… that’s another app…

Never mind! —Gilda Radner


I think Steinberg should have one of those ‘no pants days’ around their booth area, hire some nice bodies (and some hairy, ugly ones, to be fair), that should get some attention :open_mouth: :wink: .


In Cubase 6.5, LANES comp YOU !

bloody hell it’s just been annouced on the steinberg stand that filterfreak has become managing director of steinberg as long as he transfers 10000000000 outer mongolian goat cheese’s by camel too germany … im on the case , has anyone got a spare camel ? :astonished: :astonished:

also just annouced , steinberg are doing away with old technology caled PDF for manuals and are now going to be using PAPER BOOKS as manuals … ; steiny i love you really ! xxxx if you were here id snog your face off ! xx

So far they have shown their Booth at Winter NAMM 2012

That’s a big achievement. :laughing:

No big news this time from Steinberg…

Yes, a recycled audio interface. :mrgreen:


I would expect Cubase 6.5 but as it seems, no luck this time.