Better AAF import

Hi Steinberg Coders !!

Dont you think that AAF import should be improved ?
take ideas from the latest pro tools…
and take it even futher .
deal once and for all the proper video track import codecs , by automatically convert to an ideal codec to comply perfectly with nuendo´s video engine.
this way you take away all the problems at once… get better performance playback , and you could import AAFs video with less problems…
no other DAW has this function . not even pro tools…
put spot to fuction…

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The issue with AAF, is that is has not been updated in over a decade. Basically, an abandoned format. Not sure if anyone will buy the rights to it, or if it going to be stuck as is.

Just out of curiosity, what does the latest Pro Tools do with AAF imports that Nuendo doesn’t? Haven’t used it in a long time.

I always have mixed results with PT importing AAF. It has to do with how they are exported, and whether or not the exporting codec is working, what version it is, what options the exporter ticked, etc.

I always just prefer Broadcast Wave files, rendered out beginning at the same exact point in the timeline, and a quick note as to the BPM, Timecode start, Key etc. Saves time, and thus, money.

If you’re just doing wave files though, you don’t get handles.

Don’t need them to mix.

Yeah you do, if you’re trying to fix music edits or dialog/VO edits the video editor couldn’t do properly because they can only cut on frames, or they’re just bad at it, etc.

Any kind of aaf updates are great, but i think there are a “few” basic things that steinberg needs to sort out first.

  1. There is still no mxf metadata i aaf (scene, take, track name, tc origin…)
  2. Aaf error log file,if there is an error when importing, create a txt file with list of errors (like in protools) so that video editor can easy look for that issues on his/her timeline.
  3. Brute force import, in case noone has noticed nuendo aborts aaf import in there is some error .
    Let us brute force import aaf so that we can start working on a project until video editor sends us fresh files ( files that he/she tracked down via aaf error log file that we send)
  4. A list of error codes and their meaning, we do not know what is error code “FFFC2B”, if there where a discription for codes, things would be easy to track down. (Actualy FFFC2B refers to muted audio clips on davinci resolve timeline, it took us 3 weeks to figure that out…)

Recording and Mixing Music. That is almost exclusively what I do. No video is harmed, no frames get used, etc.

I am in the broadcast world. TV.
AAF and MFX video are vital .
i work in post audio production for on air promotions.
about 200 videos per week…
aaf import works very well from avid media composer and adobe premiere
i import video track and audio tracks.
mxf video inside the aaf file.