Better automation

Cubase could have better automation. I’m mixing engineer and need faster and easier automation workflow.

  • Drawing points, dragging them and then correcting curves is not what i want. It is time consuming. I think there is a easier and faster way to implement this. For me, triangle and square patterns are sufficient for almost all automation tasks and i think they could be better. Automation based on selection (like in Prootools) would be nice add.

  • Another suggestion would be to implement range slider or selector for automation curves better visibility (for example from -6dB to 6 dB or -12 dB to +12 dB…; only part of range). There is no need to increase track height to achieve better visibility. The slider for zooming track view already exists, which is cool. It would be nice to have another one for automation tracks.

  • Cutting the track on pieces and then automate volume of each piece is another problem. Automating vocal that way is time consuming and not transparent. There is no need to cut pieces, which can be unknowingly deleted by a wrong mouse click.

In my opinion, these are handicaps of Cubase and at the same time important marketing niche for future releases. I like Cubase very much, for me the best DAW on market, but must admit that Prootols is better in this regard. I was hoping that new release v9 will include these (at least for me) highly anticipated features, but now i see it doesn’t and I’m slightly dissapointed. I hope engineers at Steinberg will realize that and offer upgrade in v9.5.

Otherwise, I don’t have any other complaints, only compliments. Some new features in v9 are really amazing! Waiting to see more promotion videos on Youtube. I’m saving money to upgrade from v8.5 soon. Great job, Steinberg!!

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There’s a very iffy workaround for PT-like selection automation. But I’d sure love to see that actually implemented.