Better behavior when creating project to dropbox or OneDrive

I have been using OneDrive but recently switched to Dropbox for my “Projects” drive so my sessions can stay synchronized with my other studio. I have the same problem with both which is when creating a project and have the “Prompt for project location” button selected, I get the usual prompt but when I go to create a folder, the cloud syncing interrupts my typing into the box and saves the new folder with half of what I needed to type into it. I wish this did not happen. I have had similar issues when naming a folder and pressing enter to quickly before the permissions can be set for the folder. I wish this behavior was a little more forgiving. There are of course workarounds but if there is something you can do to make this more smooth that would be much appreciated.
Thanks for listening.

I also seem to have crash issues when creating projects after I get through the prompt phase.