Better Collaboration Tools

Hello Steinberg Team! :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to create a sort of “friend” network. Then allow me to drop a midi event or bounce an mp3 (with a file size limit of course) and send it to one of these friends? I’m not as interested in audio as much as I am midi. I’d like to see on one monitor or window a list of 3 collaborators. Then I can drag a midi event to one of them and they get that exact event, midi notes, articulations, cc data.

I know that’s a pretty large request. But I believe this has value both for users, and for getting more people to use Cubase. If you can collaborate while using the same DAW, it might incline more people to use the same DAW. Someone I collaborate with uses Logic and he’s interested in trying Cubase, just so we can swap project files when we need. But I like the midi event idea even more to be honest.

Here’s a screenshot example of what I mean. You would drag the midi event to the person’s name.

Any thoughts? Anyone? …Bueller?