Better Embedded BWav Metadata Options

Hi there,

I use Nuendo professionally for not only sound design but also for sound library releases of which I have clients all the way from small independent recordists to big hollywood studios.

I regularly edit my libraries within Nuendo and setup cycle markers for export. And name the cycle marker with the filename + descriptive data.

When you have 100+ files ready to export and you need to embed metadata - this is where Nuendo falls flat and I have to use another piece of software. Have something similar to the cycle marker naming tool for BWav Metadata would be great. Currently I have the option to enter description/originator per file which takes an extraordinarly long time - instead having the option to override the manual entry and being able to choose from a dropdown to allow filename/cycle marker name to be placed in the description, followed by more information (like you’re able to with the cycle marker export, where you can add and remove categories). Also having some entries set to global per mixdown - so if I mixdown 20 files and in the originator I have my name - I don’t have to change it (I’m not sure if that’s how it currently works, but I haven’t tried as I have to mixdown each file seperately due to changing the description everytime).

Anyway - having an option like that would really speed up my workflow and wouldn’t require me to use other pieces of software. Thanks!