Better experience with flow namings

If a name is a number (for example “3”) and the flow gets duplicated or a new created, “4” would make much more sense as a name instead of “3 1” or “flow X”.
If a flow is duplicated, it would be nice to have the title selected to edit directly. I am pretty sure that most of the times the naming with a adding a “1” after the original name is not the required name.
What do you think?

In my experience, the last number does get increased. I’ve worked on several operas in which I duplicate “Act 1, Scene 1”, and I get “Act 1, Scene 2”.

This is right-clicking on the Flow ‘block’ in Setup mode. If I use the duplication icon in the Project Info, I get “Copy of Act 1, Scene 1”.

Also “If the name is a number” – bear in mind that Flows automatically have a number token, in addition to the name.