Better graphics performance on Macs -- VERY important.

You are correct. Cubase on a mac preforms much slower on the mac than a pc.

It not just the graphics, is also the interface into the ASIO driver on the mac.

On a PC with the exact same specs, sound card and template PC blow Mac out of the water. One can reduce the ASIO buffer to 64 sample on PC without a problem where as on a mac it really can’t run smoothly lower than 256.

As the session gets more loaded the GPU performance is significantly slower on the mac.

I currently own the fastest 12 core mac apple sells with the fastest GPU and maxed out ram. If I’m having this issue then everyone on macs are having the same issue. When one spends $10,000.00 on a server grade machine you would expect that the performance to almost never peak the cpu. I look at the overall system performance I am surprised because the system is not maxing out. So this tells me that the program is not optimized for the mac hardware or the interface into the operating system.

Since Mac’s are dedicated hardware it should be easier to write code that is streamlined than for PC’s that can run any hardware.

So yet +1 us mac users have been waiting for this fix for a while.

The effects are amplified when using large resolutions (ie: 27" Thunderbolt display at 2560x1440. Scrolling or zooming in the MixConsole is cringe-inducing.