Better Hub Template Browser

I have a lot of templates for various project types and specific instrumentation prerequisites, some are very large templates, and some are slimmed down for quicker loading/saving.

First and foremost, a way to name-search in the various categories,

For example, I have a few templates dedicated to being Kontakt focused, and others Halion… Among many others dedicated to specific VSTi configurations. If I could just search ‘Kon’ and have all my Kontakt templates pop up - that would be fantastic.

As many of you know, you can organize your templates into the various categories (Recording, Production, Mastering, More) by finding them in MediaBay and assigning those column attributes under ‘Template’ category.

It would be great if more information from MediaBay was relayed to the Hub template information - like Rating, and then being able to organize by rating. For example, I would rate all my main go-to templates 5 star.

It would be fantastic maybe if some other information

And lastly, could there be more categories perhaps? MIDI, Post-Production, Editing, Sound Design, VSTi - I could easily fill all these categories with tens of templates.

Thanks for your time.

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