Better Import From Older Versions

I must be like the only old guy who revisits work from 10 years ago. That’s the only way I can make sense of how fragile the import process is from previous versions. Here are just a couple of things:

  1. I frequently find events or automation MISSING when importing from the old version… but no error was presented when opening the CPR in C8. That’s -bad-. If it opens cleanly in the old version, the XML of the CPR is intact. So if an event doesn’t load, there should be a CLEAR ERROR LOG. Most of the time? I don’t notice the missing stuff UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE…

Eg. I’ve started working on the new version and don’t notice that there should be french horns at bar 361… 2 hrs after I deleted the VSTi… and all its automation. Oy. So then I have to make a really painful decision: go back and redo everything or push on and try to re-import the bits.

And then of course there are the Donald Rumsfeld ‘unknown unknowns’… I now live in fear that there may be other stuff I’m missing unless I go back and review every bar in the score. All 300 tracks. This is upsetting.

  1. There should be a more intelligent ‘colour mapping’. I guess I expect that the project colours will be imported over, but they ain’t. They seem to be NUMBER MAPPED to the factory defaults–those amazingly unreadable flourescent colours.

  2. When Cubase opens the old CPR MixConsole is frequently a -mess-. It messes with the colours (as above) but far worse? The track widths/heights/etc. are frequently all over the place. This ends up taking ages to get into shape so one can get down to business. What it -should- do is use some sort of standard placement. It looks like the new UI doesn’t have any kind of u/m converter… like a responsive web design that tries to convert PX to %s or EMs.

  3. I open a CPR in C8 which uses a deprecated Steinberg product eg. Monologue. OK, fine, you’ve got a new toy. But… how hard is it for Cubase to auto-magically hook that up to an instance of Retrologue OR take a look through the 7 previous versions of Cubase I’ve got installed on my system and grab -that- (at least temporarily). What it does now is simply complain… as if it were from a vendor SB knows nothing about. I chose Monologue because it looks like the new softsynth even uses a lot of the same presets so how hard can this be?