Better Import/Map by Name protocol and logic - needs to be smarter/more flexible and simpler GUI

I already posted in General:

But that was more of a general inquiry of “what the hell is going on/what am I doing wrong/Am I doing it wrong?”

The map by name protocols in Halion appear to be fairly subpar, even my Nord Editor which is Windows XP software seems to have a more logical background protocol.

Halion gets distracted by any numbers or letter-number configurations that come before the actual MIDI number or Note name in your samples file name.

Cello_F2_41 005 CH01 has no problems in Halion, Kontakt, or Nord Editor

Cello005 CH01_F2_41 has problems in Halion, it doesn’t read the F2 or 41. Nord and Kontakt have no problem

This doesn’t really make sense, because any descriptions that are numerical are going to be in the name of the sample filename that come before any tokens.

I am currently demoing Halion and this is a bit of a rough start, I cannot buy it until this protocol is improved. I have a lot of self-created sample libraries with my own naming scheme I cannot change.

Nord Editor - no problems, I’ve even tried with naming schemes more complicated and convoluted than this simple test

Kontakt 5 - no problems

Halion 6 - problems

Also, in the import dialogue - your are forcing me to select and look at so many things I don’t want to select or don’t yet understand. Kontakt lets you ignore certain aspects. Just let me map the files based on the MIDI number at the end of the file name - that simple.

I appreciate the complexity of Halions capabilities - but this element should be a very very ultra simple task in 2020 and it is not. How am I supposed to get into this instrument if I am getting hung up on such a rudimentary aspect?

no one else is finding this an issue? / bump


please please improve this,

I have 10,000 of my own samples named a certain way