Better MIDI Continunous Control maps

When I have several MIDI devices I need to be able to create sets of custom MIDI Continuous Controller channel numbers and associate them to specific MIDI devices and lanes. For example, map and label Control #47 on MicroKorg device to Cutoff Filter, and on Prophet 12 I would label “Low Pass Filter Frequency” #102 as Cutoff Filter.

It seems that there’s only ever been generic/misnamed fixed list of Continuous Controllers across the whole program. I’d like to make and share custom cutoff filter channel maps.

Do you know if there is a way to get Cubase to create multiple lanes for NRPN data? If not, this seems like a serious oversight on Steinberg’s part.

i just recently got a Prophet 6, and the parameters (aside from mod wheel, pitch wheel, velocity and sustain) all get mapped into one CC DataEnt lane, which then sends the merged data to both sources, which is obviously useless.

I have nagged for long time for improved cc maps. However, you can make cc map presets that you can save with your track preset. So instead of loading a new midi track, you load the prophet track preset that has the associated cc map preset. The labels are still just cc1 cc2 etch… But at least it’s the ones you want