Better Mouse editing in the key editor and beyond!!

I think a smart tool would be great. Or the ability to assign right click and other available mouse buttons to a specific tool function, like delete for people who do not need a menu opened or a tool box open from right click.

So pencil tool= insert note, select note, re-size note
Right click equals=Delete note with one click, select range when not on a specific note note, it does not switch to the delete tool it simply deletes when pressed or selects range when held then you can one click it again to delete notes.
alt toggles between 2 user selected tools.

For now I have to use gaming mouse software to achieve anything like this. That software does not always play nice with DAWS. I would rather hit a key command for a menu and use the mouse for faster editing without mouse programming software needed in the background.

Have not used another DAW without at least some of this functionality in it, it really is fantastic!!

Hope to see it in cubase soon.