Better Native Midi plugins and workflow for VST midi

The stock midi plugins are few or hidden and it’s a pitty that we have create a track to load a vst midi plugin just to send midi information to a track. Would be better, cleaner and hassle free if this could be achieved by droping the midi vst plugin to the target track.

  • Some kind of scripting for midi would be nice and vanguard , no?

Not sure I understand the request. Doesn’t selecting a midi plug-in on a Track’s MIDI Insert do what you want?

A larger selection of midi plug-ins would certainly be nice.

say we want to apply a VST Midi Fx into an Halion track. I would like if i did not have to create a separate track from halion to apply a midi fx into it. This happens because cubase can’t load 2 VST Instruments in same track. And since the midi fx plugins are VST instruments (without any audio signal tho) we have to make them in separate tracks : ( in the perfect world they should appear has inserts in the midi insert slots like arpache and the others do.

I am not sure how cubase 9 is handling presets and track exports but making them in a single track would make them easier to be recalled too.

So you mean 3rd party midi plug-ins not what Steinberg has?

yes! to use " 3rd party" midi VST we need to had a second track, so it could be cleaner.

For years i had in mind that we could install more midi plugins (not VST) and i think i have tried but i never understanded or succeed adding them.

Yea, I think in the ‘lower zone’ would be a great place for something like this. No need for extra ‘dummy’ track just to record some midi arp/midi delay type thing.