Better organisation for automation

The organisation of automation is very basic and as a result terrible to use in a complex project.

I can often have 20 automation lanes on one track and my only way of organising this is to create a single order, by the way this order can be easily and accidentally lost if the option to close all automation is chosen, an option that often needs using to get perspective on a project.

What I would like is folders for groups of automation lanes, so for drums I may have my dynamics in one folder, FX in another, EQ in another etc. This grouping should not be lost by closing all automation lanes.

Also in a situation with many lanes of automation, if I want to expose a used lane I only have the option of exposing all lanes or one lane from a truncated list, I really need to see the full list of used automation parameters to avoid exposing all the lanes. My workaround is to open the plugin and write an automation point, it works but this wastes lots of time every day. Please just show the full untruncated list.