Better Out-Of-Range Color for the Colorblind

I’ve been enjoying Dorico for quite some time, but I want to request (again, I think) improvements for the out-of-range color.

As a colorblind person, the shade of red is too dark. It‘s hard to distinguish from the black without intentionally stopping to look for it. It might be ideal to add support for customizing all the note head color changes — picking an out-of-range color, but also voice colors. But really, I’d settle for just a brighter red to indicate range issues. I don’t hang out with a lot of other colorblind people to consult with, nor among them music notation software enthusiasts, but PLEASE consider this for Dorico 4.

I think I actually posted it in 2017 or 2018 as well (maybe on the FB group? Not in those results, and it was on my pre-migration account).

The first of those posts in the results is before Dorico 3.0 I believe. I know the dev presence is exceptional on these forums, but I would really appeal for this to be a bigger priority than it clearly is. Again, I know a color picker functionality might be some trouble, but in the interim just a brighter red would be a vast improvement.

I know that this is important, and we do plan to address it soon. I’m sorry that we’ve not yet made this a sufficiently high priority to have implemented it yet.

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