Better pitchshifting algorithms

Recently I was trying to pitch down a drumloop and it sounded pretty bad using the transpose function. I opened it using variaudio and was disappointed that it still sounded crappy compared to Melodyne and Beats mode and Complex pro mode in Ableton. Please improve this to be competitive with these DAWS. Variaudio in general I find to sound very inferior. I don’t know why the “Standard” algorithm is the only option we can use when variaudio-ing.

Have to agree here. A nice ideas not implemented with the appropriate audio quality. The artifacts (that little yip sound) at the end of an adjusted pitch is now frightfully audible. This happens on even the most minute stretch of a “glob.”

they should be the same algorithms in live & cubendo, outsourced from zplane:

cubendo have the offline mpex’s on top of that that are arguably better.

having said that, the way ableton makes use of that algorithm is way more creative (plus cubendo’s used to be buggy up until now).

but if discussing quality of algorithms alone… yes, they should be identical.

Steinberg should make a deal with Serato and get their Pitch N Time Pro-algorithm. That is some seriously good algorithms!!!

So I guess this is about the live pitch shifting which is bad.