Better quality bounces from Cubase 10.5 projects when opening in Nuendo 10.3?

Hello there,

I have a question about opening and bouncing from Cubase 10.5 projects in Nuendo 10.3.

By using the exact same template in Vienna Ensemble Pro, with the exact same Cubase 10.5 project, the result of the bounces from Cubase and Nuendo were dramatically different in terms of separation and detail in Nuendo 10.3. To my ears Nuendo has incredible separation and detail, but has a little harsher sound, whereas Cubase has definitely a smoother sound, all things being equal.

Same thing happened when bouncing from projects with just audio, using only Cubase stock plugins.

I imported the audio files of the bounces, put a 180 phase inversion on one, and the sound information resulting from the differences of the two files was massive.

Anyone else experienced something similar? Is it related to a different audio engine?

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This is huge! I don’t have Cubase, so is there anyone else who can do the same tests? Perhaps the Steinberg team could chime in? Fredo?

Impossible. Nuendo doesn’t sound any different to Cubase.
The exports should be bit-for bit *exactly" the same.
Something must be different in your settings/setup, but AGAIN, there is NO difference between Cubase and Nuendo.


I’m surprised by this too. Yip, there must be something different between exports. Perhaps it could be 32 vs 64 bit processing in the audio setup?

Pan law.

Agreed. @Fredo any chance you have Cubase & Nuendo installs to check your output settings on export?

What is there to check?

I bet you that an export @ 32 bit will null bit for bit with an export @ 64bit.


I have done more null-testing in my life than any moderator and nobody does it better than me.
(Sorry, couldn’t resist) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No, really. I am not going to test anything. Been there, done that, bought a dozen T-Shirts.
Simply because there is no difference between Nuendo & Cubase.
It’s the same application. They are Identical, except for the extra features that Nuendo has.
The “engine” is exactly the same.


No, really. I am not going to test anything. Been there, done that, bought a dozen T-Shirts.


hahahah I apologize - I meant to direct that to the OP not you! (more coffee before posting anything else)

@antani ?

Thanks all for the replies, I checked all the settings, pan law, 32 vs 64 and the .cpr project is exactly the same, so I don’t understand why. When you say the export settings with null bit by bit what do you mean?

Sorry I just re-read your first post: He’s talking about what you (hopefully) did when you inverted the phase.

Btw: You did actually invert the phase, right? Not delay it by 180 degrees? Because that’s not the same thing…

Does this mean I need to buy popcorn?

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I used the phase in the pre section of the channel settings, and set it to 180 degrees. Tried with two identical files and they canceled each other. So I assume that should be what we’re talking about, right?

Just to clarify, this is what I did:

We would have to compare notes on that. I have also been very deep down that path.

Thanks Fredo, good to know

Hi all,

Fredo is basically right, there aren’t any noteworthy differences between Nuendo and Cubase on the engine side.
Nuendo’s engine can do up 384 KHz though, Cubase stays at 192.


384 KHz?


I took a project originally done in Nuendo 10.2.10 and opened the same project in both Nuendo 10.3.0 and Cubase 10.5.20 and did mixdowns. Brought the two exports back into Cubase 10.5 and doing a 180 phase on one, they are different but not in any “massive” ways (there’s a sort of noise floor on the meters that stay below -60 with occasional little blips to -50.) Listening to each solo to my ears they do not sound different in any noticeable way. Technically not “bit exact” but nothing anyone would ever be able to hear in a million years.

Near as I can tell I have both systems configured the same; engine is running at 32-bit float, mixdown options were exactly the same (48kHz/16-bit)

Original project is fairly simple; a VO track and stereo music… only using stock effects; Compressor, Maximizer, and some level automation.