Better Revoice / Vocalign integration.

Can we please get these simplified like the PT integration? Its a time consuming process enough as it is.


I use Revoice Pro extensively on all my songs, and it is like a black magic gift from the Heavens.

As far as integration re: Cubase - they have advanced leaps and bounds from their early days, when it was more than a little painful transferring the audio to RVP and back to Cubase. Now it is so much easier I don’t even notice it. I do see in their on-line help that there seem to be some PT advantages which of course I would love to see in Cubase, but I feel guilty complaining given how far they’ve come.

I love RVP!

If Cubase adds an ARA integration that would solve the issue with Vocalign. I also have to think SyncroArts will update Revoice to include ARA functionality at some point. If you haven’t seen ARA in action, check out the video of Vocalign in Studio One on SyncroArts’ website.

If you would like to see ARA added to Cubase there is a thread here that could use more support:

Wow we need that!