Better RX integration

It would be absolitely amazing to double click a file and open RX.
I am aware of rx connect, but for post this would be a huge timesaver.

Like the olden days, but better, because it would be with RX :smiley:


If RX Connect worked as advertised, which would likely mean Nuendo offline-plugin window management would have to change, then that’d be pretty much exactly what you’d ask for. But I don’t disagree with your suggestion. Either is fine.

Chewy, that’s how it was before, right? You could open and edit an event in an external editor?

Lydiot: You know, I don’t remember if you ever actually could in N1 or 2. I THINK it was there in 1.

BUT: you could in Cubase VST, before it all went SX. It’s one of the Great Lost Features, along with multiple automation tracks.

Back in the day, I’d go straight out to Bias Peak. It would be RX standalone now, for sure. (OT addendum-- though it would be great either to have this function or for RX Connect to work more consistently [or intuitively, at least], what I’d REALLY like is for iZotope to just effing bring back the Spectral Editor plugin. What the?).