Better selectability of what to install

I do not want to install the Halion that comes with C6, but the oly way I can avoid installing it is to be around whan it is just starting to install it and cancel it. One thing was that it did not appear to give me the option to specify where I wanted the sample files.

I haven’t used Loopmash yet, but if I am not interested in it, I may not want to install it either.

Having a custom install option has been standard on programs for years, but I did not notice any way to specify the parts of C6 I wanted to install.

Unless I have missed something, please give me back the custom install option.

Hello Patanjeli,

Yes, you have missed something. At one of the first screens of the installer you can press in the down left corner on a button (forgot the name) where you can select what should be installed and on which location.



You’re not the first to have missed it though, so there’s a hint to Steinberg to make it a bit clearer next time :wink:

After you have already installed everything, you can also uninstall components that you don’t want individually in the Control Panel -> Installed Programs panel. Cubase is broken down into the main program, Halion, Groove Agent, LoopMash, and a bunch on content there.