Better vertical alignment of ties

Is there a setting so that ties align better?

The tie from the dotted note should be lower IMO (and the start just after the dot).

Something like this;


There is a setting for ties after rhythm dots,
Engraving Options > Ties > Avoiding Collisions

Well, the setting seems to have no effect on this case; it’s not clear to me why not. (Is it because it’s not a chord?) The note is up-stem, on a line, with a dot, so the dot goes in the space above. The tie can’t extend to the notehead because of the stem, so has to avoid the dot another way, and Dorico moves the whole thing up rather than the endpoint over. I think we need more advice.

Hi @Mats_Frendahl I found that using the setting as in the example below doesn’t look bad…
Engraving Options/Ties/Vertical Enpoint Positioning/Advanced/ :