Better Visibility Agents for the Editors

As we all know, most sample libraries do not use the 88 keys.

It would be awesome is we could better managed the Key Editor and Drum Editor restricting the grids to only the notes we choose to see.

As of now, the drum editor allows a “Show Drum Sounds with Events”. That is simply not good enough. It hides to much and removes the option of adding a something down the line. Then there is the “Show Drum Sounds in use by Instrument” which 98% of plugins including Play 5 does not support even tho Play 5 is VST3.

First of all, we would need those options in the Key Editor as well. It would be great if we could restrict and hide whatever portion of the editors we chose. It would immensely benefit the “Edit In-Place” function.

For example, if I wanted to load a percussion kit for it’s conga section only, I could do a conga map and restrict my drum editor to that section only. The same goes for piccolo flutes where I could get 6 octaves out of the way easily. If I load a bass, most of the time, I could hide the top 4 octaves. Some libraries are split on the key bed so if we could customize what the editors are showing us, it would be amazing.

The “Show Drum Sounds in use by Instrument” would be great if only it was supported but that is simply not the case. Besides Groove Agent, none does. I can tell you for a fact that Play 5, Superior Drummer 2, EZ Drummer 2, Addictive Drums 2, Battery 4 all don’t as of now so why is that option even there? Granted it is a step in the right direction but why is it only implemented in the Drum Editor?

François Beauvais


That would be very helpful and should be easy to implement. Just another option from the same pulldown menu and an input on the menu beside that to input an upper and lower boundary.